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I'm Kat Vann Hammers!

I'm a marketer and marketing creative, a nerd when it comes to the data with Google & Social Analytics and love working with small business who struggle with being seen in the endless sea of social media!

More About Me


I'm a low tech guy in a increasingly high tech world, after my Ironman about 2 years ago I asked Kat to format an edit a blog story for me about my experience. My goal was for it to be readable and have flow, to my surprise, it read like a book and has been read over 2,000 times and in over 10 countries, per Google Blogger stat counter. Kat will help you convey your message in a positive way 😎
-Paul Perryman

"Kat has been amazing at taking away the stress of posting on social media. She shows exactly what your results are and fine tunes post to how they are preforming. She goes above and beyond to provide valuable service!"
-Brandy Jones
Studio B Designs