three words I live by: Dream, Believe, rise!

I'm Kat, nice to meet ya!

Boy Mom, Endurance Athlete, Hype Connoisseur, Social Media Geek, and Business Creative.

I serve small business who struggle with being seen in the endless sea of social media!

When I’m not busy educating small business owners how to express there brand, build a tribe, managing client social accounts or behind a camera, you can catch me in the pool, on the bike, or creating hype everywhere I go... Usually in a unicorn costume! 

I’m a boy mom of a newly turned teenager, Carson and a dog mom of a rescue pup named Chewy. I love the thrill of an adventure, travel and passionate about photography!  

The white sand and blue water are what calms this busy creative’s soul!  A nice glass of wine does that too!  

Forget the big house and white picket fence; this gal will be traveling the open roads in an RV, shredding mountain bike trails and retiring on the beaches of St. Croix! 

Still here?!  Cool! 

I have spent the last five years building social media followings for companies and teams. Researching various marketing firms across the United States reinforced my theory that the key to marketing isn't rocket science, but having a creative mind and the discipline to stay vigilant.
Keeping up-to-date with the changing parameters and algorithms that make social media marketing worth the time and money invested is crucial. I understand how confusing and intimidating this can be, which is why I have chosen to help small business rise above the social media chaos.

 Be you, be authentic, stay consistent and engage with your audience!