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My specialities range from content creation, curation, management, branding, brand and marketing photography, data tracking, analysis and retention, website builds and have various packages that can fit your needs and budget!

But, Kat??  Why is this important and why you??  Because,  I'm a Unicorn! Duh! 

Just kidding! But, seriously...

In this ever-evolving social media universe, there are million different places to turn for ‘expertise.' 
I get it! 

I totally understand budgets, being a small business and having to be smart with your investment.
I also know that to make it these days, you absolutely have to stand out, and you have to be on social media. You already know that, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

None of us can afford to NOT be on at least one of the major platforms.

I’ve spent the last 5 years in the endurance industry, either as an athlete or as a marketing professional. I started my journey in triathlon and stepped outside my comfort zone by joining a local tri club – not knowing a soul.

But, I knew how to encourage, and I knew how to make friends. I poured my energy into others, into the club, into the sport. I eventually found my way into a marketing position with Cobb Cycling, an international cycling product manufacturer. I managed the Cobb Mobb, the official triathlon team of Cobb Cycling and began managing the events and social media marketing to build the brand.

I began all of this as a hobby. With my college background centered around Fine Arts and Photography, my immersion in social media and my natural extroversion, I began to find a love in the candid shots, bringing crazy antics that stood out. This is a must in the sea of social media.

I have an eye for marketing images. I know how to listen to someone’s story and pay attention to their vision and their goals. Understanding trends and being able to evolve with the daily changes to all platforms is critical when you create your marketing strategy.

My passion is being in the mix, in the moment, finding that perfect shot and capitalizing on it.   I learned a few things over the years, and want to share with you!

Ya wanna know what lights me up?!  
Educating and showing small business owners, like you, to see the potential and effectiveness of building your brand by being YOU, sharing YOUR story and passion on social media! This is what I love.  I believe everyone has something to give to the world, and people want and need what you have!

And why not help other people create hype, too? 

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-kat vann hammers

"Be you, be authentic, stay consistent, and engage with your audience. Success will come.”

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I knew from a very young age, where my passion lied, but took me a few years to figure it out. Ok, maybe more than a few years! As a child, I used those little disposable cameras for taking pictures of trees, animals and whatever else I found interesting or inspiring. I was another way to express my creativity. I was always creating something, whether it was drawing, painting, writing stories with illustrations or creating masterpieces in the mud. I followed my love of the arts into high school and college but came to a halt as I climbed the corporate ladder in retail sales, management and customer service.

Fast forward a few years... I’m now pursuing my passion as a career.  As a marketer, It's frustrating when you can't find that perfect stock photo or don't have the right content to post, so I decided to do something about it and use my skills to help other companies portray their brand online. 
It’s funny how things you love find it’s way back into your life, right?!

I have an eye for capturing candid, action shots.   I love the emotions and story a photograph can tell. I’m currently growing my portfolio and would love the chance to bring you with me! Are you interested in some non-traditional, in-the-moment, creative out-of-box brand specific photography that can be used for website, social media posting and advertising?  

oh Snap!

“A True Photograph Need Not To Be Explained, Nor Can It Be Contained In Words.”
– Ansel Adams